“St. Louis is Aging” discussion Wednesday May 4th to explore senior increases in St. Charles, Jefferson counties, decrease in city

The St. Louis metropolitan area is experiencing a marked increase in 65-and-older residents, with portions of the region experiencing a more dramatic increase than others.

St. Charles County saw a 62.5 percent increase of 65-and-older residents, jumping from 24,852 seniors in 2000 to 40,378 in 2010. The city of St. Louis had a 26.5 percent decrease of seniors, dropping from 47,842 in 2000 to 35,175 in 2010.

About two-thirds of the increase in seniors in St. Charles County was due to residents aging into that age group. About one third of the 62.5 percent increase – 20.4 percent – was attributed to net migration. That means more people

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“St. Louis is Aging: Are We Ready?” May 4th discussion explores St. Louis region’s 8th rank for seniors among nation’s top 50 metros

St. Louis, like the rest of the world, is getting older by the minute. Aging always has been the result of staying alive, yet in an overall societal sense, increased longevity and low fertility rates are making the world older and grayer than it’s ever been.

According to the most recent Where We Stand update on seniors and aging, St. Louis does have a high portion of its population over 65, and by most measurements they are faring well – for now. As a percent of the total population aged 65 and older, the St. Louis metro area ranks 8th among the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas, with 14.9 percent

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Economic growth and globalization and their effect on racial equity are topics for Jan. 27th Central Library event

The global economy is no longer some vague concept on the horizon. It is as real as Americans buying jeans made in Mexico, running shoes from Viet Nam, and televisions, computers, and cell phones manufactured in Asia.

The globalization of commerce extends beyond personal decisions about what to buy, and where it was made. It extends to news coverage of the stock market and monetary fluctuations in China and the European Union, with the implication that changes abroad have real effects stateside. Globalization is here, and it is intensifying.

What does this mean for St. Louis, and what effect will it have on racial equity challenges the region already faces?

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East-West Gateway presents Outstanding Local Government Achievement awards at 50th annual luncheon

The East-West Gateway Council of Governments presented its annual Outstanding Local Government Achievement Awards Wednesday to six recipients during its 50th annual meeting, recognizing area governments and officials for their achievement in the areas of public service, leadership, and productive collaboration among local governments.

The presentations were made at the noon luncheon Wednesday, Nov.18 at the St. Louis Union Station, in downtown St. Louis.

Gateway Lifetime Public Service Awards went to Stephen Michael Murray, a bicycle and pedestrian advocate, and James Pennekamp, recently retired former executive with the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois, the Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District, and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

An Exemplary Accomplishment by

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Wild named Executive Director of East-West Gateway

The East-West Gateway Board of Directors on Wednesday approved the selection of Jim Wild as the new executive director of the St. Louis region’s federally designated metropolitan planning organization.

Wild had been serving as the interim executive director since June 30, after the former executive director, Edward Hillhouse, resigned. Wild had been deputy executive director since May 2012 and has worked at East-West Gateway for 22 years.

East-West Gateway is the federally designated metropolitan planning organization for the city of St. Louis and the surrounding seven counties. Those counties are Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair counties in Illinois; and Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties in Missouri. East-West

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