Comment Moderation Policy

East-West Gateway Council of Governments encourage your comments; your ideas and concerns are important to ensure that a broad range of individuals are active and informed participants in the discussion.

Relevant discussion and debate are encouraged.  The public should react to the topics being discussed at the East-West Gateway Blog with polite and civil discourse.  We expect that participants will treat each other, as well as our agency and our employees, with respect.

The East-West Gateway Blog is a lightly moderated blog and comments will be reviewed before posting.  Inappropriate comments will not be posted and include threats, slurs, abusive or obscene language, personal attacks, promotion of commercial services or products, spam, and comments completely unrelated to the specific post.  Multiple posts with identical content are not allowed.  To protect your privacy and that of others, please do not include personal phone, email, or mailing information in the body of your comments.  Comments will be more frequently monitored during normal business hours.

If you wish to communicate with East-West Gateway staff by means other than commenting on this blog, you may do so here.


This comment policy may be amended or modified in the future.